I am Legend

I am Legend

this is the movie i have chosen for my brief, i am Legend is about a plague that has spread through scientists trying to cure cancer. but it all goes terribly wrong and begins to destroy the planet. this movie is a good way to look at the future if such a disaster was to happen.


My given Brief at college

I have been given a brief of investigating a subject that portrays the future and then interpreting what the future may hold for that particular option or what the subject can show us what we can look forward to in the future.

The brief i have chosen will be Movies. There are alot of movies about the future, such as the new movie out called “Oblivion” or a much darker future such as “I Am Legend” which is about a type of zombie apocalypse, same with the movie “World War Z”.

The movie’s i will be mostly relating to will have to be the zombie apocalypse theme. simply because it is an option and could very well happen. The movies i will specifically be targeting will be World War Z, I Am Legend and 28 Days Later.

The reasoning i have chosen this subject is because movies are a good way to express how people or a person can create a parallel universe where bad or good things may happen that you may never see in your life. a negative would be a zombie apocalypse which i have chosen. its something that is likely to never happen but it is a possibility. the sheer fact that humans can become complete cannibals due to a disease or a virus or in general something wrong with human nature can toy with ones feelings and almost make u believe it could happen. it puts the viewer in a position where you start to think if it was real and if so….how would you handle the situation? would you fight for yourself? would you join others and rebel? would you try to find the cure? would you be able to kill your best friend or lover if it happened to them? and this is why i have chosen this subject because it is a scary thought but because these types of moviews are ficitonal we can enjoy watching a movie based on it because it will likely never happen.